About my blog

Everything is spiritual. For several years I have maintained spiritual practices and sought knowledge that support my path of a healer. When I was young, I experienced many life events that made me particularly empathetic and sensitive with others. As an adult, I finally had words and support for my abilities and desire to help others.

In this blog, I intend to offer connections and insights, as a reiki master, professional intuitive, writer, shamanic practitioner, crafter and teacher. My personal website is http://www.turtlehealingenergy.com. That’s my dog Harley (may his sweet soul rest in peace, January 2016) to the left; we were on a hike in amazing Buena Vista, Colorado.

Click here to read more of my story, quite an assortment of life experiences, jobs and skills.


3 thoughts on “About my blog

  1. Dear Erika,

    What a pleasure to see your blog up and running! You have an inviting website. And I have no doubt that you’re moving onto a fulfilling path. You’re inspiring.

    Sending positive vibes…


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