About Erika

Erika3522-10wI’m Erika, and I live in Boulder, CO.  I write, I support lots of people in different ways, I teach, I craft.

Currently, I have two businesses that I love. I offer reiki, tarot readings, grief coaching, shamanic services, reiki classes and tarot classes, numerology profiles and other services and products via my business Turtle Healing Energy.

I also support entrepreneurs with their marketing and communications—building websites, supporting social media, helping individuals write and publish books, editing and writing and designing various materials–through my business Erika M. Schreck Communications and Marketing Support.

2017-06-02 18.25.32My life has been changed and beautifully opened by reiki, energized and challenged by teaching, healed and empowered by writing, and relaxed and excited with crocheting, sewing and other-crafting.

Colorado is home, where the mountains ground me and I feel most at peace.  

Here’s my boy Harley, who died in January 2016. I adopted him in July 2005, when he was eight months old, and my life has been forever changed and improved.

In May 2011, I completed my 13-year-plus adventure of teaching college-level writing courses. For seven years, my Clark Kent persona was as a full-time instructor in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I’ve also had employment involving teaching at a learning center, welding, working in marketing and communication departments for companies like American Express, and writing and consulting.

Learn more of my story by clicking here.

2017-04-20 14.33.10

Tobias. Adoptee in Oct. 2016.

Erika & Harley, October 2010


5 thoughts on “About Erika

    • Troy, thank you for reading! I still like reading your haiku and following you in your many wonderful on-line venues. Great to hear from you. Goodness, we’ve known each other about 18 years now? Wow.

      with care,


  1. Love your blog, love your dog (Harley) , love your life, it looks to me
    you are where you are because it’s where you are suppose to be.
    Thank You Troy Freund.


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