A Good Kind of Slow: Life without a Microwave

What simple things can we do to slow down, even just a little? SO many, yes.

One life aspect I decided to adjust several years ago affects my food preparation. I got rid of my microwave. Continuously, I heard from friend and family members, “How will you make microwave popcorn?” Yes, there was popcorn before microwave popcorn, which I also ate plenty of in high school and college years. But I LOVE to make popcorn “old school”-style right on the stove, just like my dad used to do for us. People seemed very concerned that I would not be able to reheat leftovers or make so many things, but it’s all just a shift in perspective. I was often asked the ubiquitous, “Why did you get rid of your microwave?” I answered with the facts that I wanted healthier food because I’d read a lot about microwave cooking affecting nutritional value amid the varied this-thought-that-thought opinions, better-tasting food and only necessary appliances.

Since not having my microwave since 2007, I’ve noticed healthier food choices and better-tasting food. I notice my brain thinking in different ways about meal prep and have been enjoying the results. And, in addition to retaining more vitamins and value in my food, using my stove, oven and toaster oven more have made me slow down more and put more time and energy into a significant necessity of life. I’m not on a kick to get everyone to ditch his/her microwave, but I will say I do not miss a microwave at all and somehow appreciate the planning and time—and the slowness of it all.

In times where we’re so often looking to be faster and more efficient, I still had to take the slower road on this one. Perhaps that’s the turtle side of me showing itself.


One thought on “A Good Kind of Slow: Life without a Microwave

  1. I love not having a microwave too! We didn’t have one for years but got one when Miles was born after hearing everyone say that we needed one. It didn’t get much use and when we moved it started collecting dust in the garage, where it still lives today. I agree not having a microwave offers the chance to think about food preparation in a different way plus you are reducing potential radiation in your life!


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