Death and Tough Times: How Do You Manage? And my friend Matthew’s last days…

50000448_502531910271780_2744856183750787072_nRecently two friends died, and the tougher and more unexpected loss was my acquaintance of nearly 15 years, Matthew. We started teaching writing at CU-Boulder around the same time. When he started his cancer journey–a tricky brain tumor that nearly took his eye–a little more than two years ago, I wanted to support him. I did ceremony quite often and sent him pictures at times of the altar I’d created for him, I helped coordinate two fundraisers, I mailed him a card every few weeks, I reached out and asked How are you really doing?

About two weeks ago, at 47, he died. His last words to me in a message a week before he died were “love to you.”

We weren’t the closest friends, but social media and efforts I mentioned above kept us connected. Supporting other friends with cancer, I wanted to be a consistent force of love in his life, unafraid to reach out.

Death is cumulative. You notice that, right? Someone or a dear animal in your life dies, and you’re reminded of those you’ve lost before and your own mortality and this delicate life we often take for granted.

I won’t lie: It hit me quite hard. I drummed and drummed and did ceremony when I got the news that Saturday night, and I cried hard. I offered and then was asked to help with his memorial here in Colorado and am humbled and honored to create and lead ceremony for our academia-related, friends-of-Matthew circle.

What do you do in extra-tough times?
There’s not a perfect, fit-for-everyone approach, but I do know this: We need to use our tools. The tools that have spiritual, emotional, physical and mental grounding. The tools that remind of us something bigger. The tools that are incorporated into daily practices and HABITS.

2019-06-02 23.09.05We need solid self-care practices. Do you let your car run out of gas regularly? How about that cell phone battery? Do you make sure it’s charged? My latest video in my Because My Health Depends On It series, Self-Care Is Not Optional, is only five minutes and here.

What beliefs and rituals can help you start to shift? May I support you? You got this.
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Rooting for you. Grateful for you. Keep on.

with love, light and gratitude,

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Whatever Your Relation-sitch, Love Is Always Available

Hello, dear ones. No matter what your relation-sitch, you got this. With February as an overall LOVE month and heart health month, please feel and choose and receive extra love… *every* day. A super-quick video, which is actually an excerpt from a video I recorded today (on this VERY WINDY day here in Boulder, CO!) for my Spiritual Warrior Tribe. Love is always there for you. Really, really. ENJOY and spread the love!

FirstFrame_WITH YT Click_LoveIsAlwaysThereForYou_Feb2019

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Because Your (My) Health Depends On It

What happens when you add “… because my health depends on it” after your intentions and affirmations? You help prioritize and prove what’s important. Enjoy Video #2 in my #BecauseMyHealthDependsOnIt series.


I’m starting a movement, a series… in a time when we’re not always “making the time” or prioritizing our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, we need to shift our mindset to “I’m doing ___ today, even if I’m super busy because my health depends on it.” You brush your teeth because your health depends on it. What else?

You are worthy. Your health on all levels is important.

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Ease and Light and Health on your journey,

Erika M. Schreck | Reiki Master | Tarot Reader | Shamanic Practitioner | Spiritual Warrior Advocate™ | Numerologist

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When Things Go Wrong, Get Strong

Isn’t it super frustrating when things aren’t going your way? Have you ever felt confused by your “bad luck,” even when you feel like you’re doing the right things? Remember that while we can’t control all of our experiences, we can control our responses, or at least first have our “human” reaction (ex. anger, sadness), and decrease our suffering time. How the heck do we do that?!

Put yourself–get yourself–in the best place possible for whatever is next. Strengthen yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, and you’re going to feel better. And stronger. And ready. 

Enjoy my three-minute video to get inspired and get strong(er): Click here or below on the image.


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I’d Love to Support You and Your Grief Journey

Grief is often an uncomfortable topic in our discussions with others. Not only is it difficult to lose a loved one, but feeling adequately supported during times of loss can also be challenging and disappointing. 

Are you ready to carry your grief differently? Are you needing some tools for more ease in managing your experience with grief and loss? Whether you’ve lost a loved one who was human or animal, grief is a cumulative experience. so your current pain is often not only a recent or enduring primary loss but also a trigger for previous losses.

Through Thursday, June 28, 2018, I’m offering a significantly special price for this generous eight-week journey of support, exploration, healing and reinvention. Save $225 now; increased pricing as of June 29. Click here.

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Four Steps to Heal Past, Body and Self-Esteem | Seven-Part Healing Journey

We’re in a bit of a funkalicious time–the current astrology, change of seasons and other factors seem to be creating an interesting mix of extra sensitivity and emotions-that-need-our-attention. I want to give you a little love and support.

Enjoy this not-quite-four-minutes video to learn more about healing your past, body and self-esteem with four helpful steps:

  1. Let go of whatever is blocking you and causing suffering.
  2. Identify your sacred space and most helpful tools, practices and support for healing.
  3. Reclaim your power.
  4. Maintain your practices and self-care to put yourself in the best place possible to manage any new challenges or old stuff visiting.


This video is part of series added to typical monthly content for my Spiritual Warrior Tribe membership site. I decided to share this seven-part series publicly!

This week I’m providing a FREE Full Moon (Blue Moon!) Ceremony, as well as the other six parts to this Seven-Week Healing Series–brief, helpful videos to offer you some extra love and support at this time. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, so you get all of these goodies.

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I’d be honored to and would love to support you!

Originally created for Spiritual Warrior Transformation: Seven-Week Healing Journey
March-April 2018 Members-Only Material
Week Three: Four Steps to Heal Past, Body and Self-Esteem
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What is a Spiritual Warrior?

What is a Spiritual Warrior? I’ve been using this reference a lot more lately.

Home Page_Website_Walking Spiritual Warrior Paths of Transformation_8Mar2018   What is a Spiritual Warrior? with Erika M. Schreck

Enjoy the brief video (special surprise appearance by my dog Tobias) and learn more about my Spiritual Warrior offerings at

1. Walking the Spiritual Warrior Paths of Transformation: An Eight-Week Journey |… | lovely mix of tools including the Seven Directions, chakras, shamanic journeying, reiki, meditation, writing-a-new-story | available as group or private experience


2. Spiritual Warrior Tribe | membership site with new material each month and in-between |

I’d love to support you on your journey. 
Erika M. Schreck |

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New Moon Spirit: Practicing the Magic in 2018

As we align more with moon cycles, we connect more with our Oneness, with Nature, with our desires and health, and with more presence and intention. January 1–New Year’s Day–can feel like a lot of pressure, and it’s never too late to create a fascinating cycle of new-ness and desires-manifested. What if each month you can feel the blessings of renewal and awareness, and see more results with manifesting more of what you want and enjoy the benefits of ritual? I want to inspire you with simple, brief approaches to achieve great shifts this month and beyond, capitalizing on the New Moon gifts and energy.

Whether you live in/near Boulder, Colorado, or far from here, or can’t make this event even if you are local, you may enjoy the altar kit, guidance and experience, in time for our next new moon on the night of January 16 (wee hours of January 17–check your time zone).

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On Sunday, January 14, 10:30 a.m.-12 noon, in Boulder, Colorado, join Erika M. Schreck in ceremony and discussion for exploring New Moon practices for January and the coming months. You’ll also leave with a generous New Moon Altar Kit for creating a specific, intentional sacred space to honor the January New Moon and remaining new moons this year.

Be kind to yourself. Be clear with yourself.
Be committed to yourself, your health,
your well-being and to what you consider priorities.

New Moon Spirit Event January 2018

More Details

Your New Moon Altar Kit includes a personally sewn, beautiful “starter” altar mat (Erika will personally create; approx. 7″ X 7″; beautiful fabric); candle holder with clean-burning, made-in-the-United-States candle; matches; select, quality gemstones for a specific, simple layout and intentional invitation; printed, thoughtful guide with ideas for altar set-up and New Moon ritual. Gemstones will be similar to those shown: minimum of quality five clear crystal points, one labradorite (rough or smooth–see its iridescence in light!), one moonstone. Altar mats vary in colors and patterns. Generally, ritual and intention-setting during New Moon time for any month is recommended from one day before to about two days after the New Moon (check your time zone and moon calendar)

Limited to 16 seats for January 14 event in Boulder, Colorado. Live participants: RSVP no later than Friday, January 12, 2018. Participants who cannot join live: Suggested registration by Thursday, January 11, if possible, and if you want to receive your altar kit in time for the new moon on Tuesday, January 16. And you’re never too late–there’s a New Moon every month, so you may use this New Moon Altar Kit any month and for as many months as you wish. This special pricing, though, won’t last. More details will be provided to registrants via e-mail with what to bring.

Long-distance-interested-ones: If you live elsewhere or cannot attend live on January 14 in Boulder, Colorado, and still want to enjoy this experience, you will receive your own New Moon Altar Kit and a recording of the January 14 ceremony and experience–with details about preparing for and practicing the new moon ritual. We will arrange for your receipt of the mailed altar kit (shipped within the United States) the week prior.

Stay in touch through the Turtle Healing Energy Facebook page (click here) and newsletter (sign up here).’

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Activating the Bat-Signal for My Deceased Father

This Father’s Day is the 18th without my father on the physical plane.

After so many years without him physically but with an ever-present, still-growing spiritual practice and much gratitude, I’ve learned that we can simply ask our deceased beloved to show up, and they will. Most recently, I know my dad helped me fix my clothes dryer. He was a fix-it type–and still is, it seems. I spent a significant part of my childhood in the garage with my dad, handing him tools and keeping him company, whether he was building his ’35 Ford Coupe from the shell-in-primer state, changing his oil in his Ford station wagon, working solo or with his buddies on his latest race car that hadn’t been demolished at the Slinger speedway (Wisconsin favorite), or fixing his Yamaha motorcycle and later his Harley Davidson. I got up at sunrise to join him at many hot-rod car shows, and he quizzed and trained me about car parts at the swap meets. Three years ago, I wasn’t afraid to research YouTube, buy the necessary parts and replace my blower motor and resistor, so I could have working heat again in my Honda CR-V and save a couple hundred dollars. I am my father’s daughter.

The clothes dryer. In the same week a few weeks ago, my clothes dryer and five-year-old smart phone went kaput. For mechanical woes, I’ve learned to put a call out to my deceased father, just as you might pray to the appropriate saint or angel for a lost object, protection or house sale. I shine the Bat-Signal (RIP, Adam West) for my father when I need mechanical help or driving directions. I first had my human-experience panic: I was already in financial struggle, and now two not-so-cheap replacements were needed, in the same week. Then, I went into my famous research mode, checking “new” dryers but gravitating toward Craigslist. And asking Dad for help.

That’s when I called “Dan” about the dryer he posted on Craigslist. This man could barely hear me when I called, and I practiced patience as I repeated most of what I needed to say and ask. My gut said to trust him. He wasn’t hearing me that I just wanted to buy his dryer and that I’d need to arrange help; he insisted that he check my dryer first, completely confident he knew he could probably fix the 1970s dryer I had. So, we scheduled a time, and then I did the responsible thing of letting close friends know that I had a stranger coming to my home while I was alone; I texted his name and phone number and the time of his visit to said friends.

Dan exited his large, white truck, carefully lifting each foot, as his legs wobbled a bit, and he firmly planted one foot on the ground, as he advanced toward me. He’s in his 80s, since he later shared that he’d been in Colorado since the 1930s. I exhaled, now trusting that there was no stranger danger. I shook his hand, and he met my dog, and we all entered my home. After I let him assess the dryer, I asked if he needed water or anything else. He handed me a crazy-dust-and-lint-filled metal piece, and I understood I needed to vacuum said piece. No words were needed. After that task was complete, I returned and saw him struggling with thick, shaky fingers to undo a necessary screw in the dryer, and I asked if he needed some help. “I usually have an assistant,” he assured me, but we knew that’s why I was there and so willing. For the next 40 minutes, we were a seamless team, sweating in my small laundry room and exchanging only fix-it-related words. I wasn’t afraid to jump in and find myself covered in the dust–more vacuuming and helping where I could. It was in the first moment of his asking, “Hand me that socket driver,” that I knew exactly what he meant, and I was suddenly a young girl in my dad’s garage, handing my father tools he’d taught me to distinguish. I knew.

And when I noticed the dryer vent had come off the back of dryer and couldn’t quite reach it and grabbed a mop handle to hook and lift it within reach, Dan smiled at me and laughed and said, “Well, that’s a smart thing to do. [pause] Are you married?” No. “Well, how come no one has snatched up a beautiful, smart woman like you, yet?” And then he went on to say he’s been married 62 years to his “beautiful bride.” Our affection grew when I noticed the end of the rescued dryer vent end coming apart and announced, “Duct tape–right there, a few inches from your right hand in that basket on the shelf.”

An hour and only $60 later, my 1970s, still-awesome dryer was working again because Dan replaced the faulty thermal fuse. Like my father, I’m apt to try to fix something before tossing or replacing it; I couldn’t have found a more perfect form of help. I nearly cried with both the relief and the gift of this man. We hugged as he left, and he continued his careful, strategic gait with exaggerated knee lifts and foot placement, and only after I handed him a bag with blueberry scones I’d baked him that morning. Because somehow I knew.

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Practicing Maitri [Unconditional Friendship with Oneself]

“Spring is about growth and easing into the light. When we practice maitri [unconditional friendship with oneself], we feel unconditional love and kindness toward ourselves. Extend this practice to others.”

~ Monika Carless, Elephant Journal,

“Spring Equinox: The Astrological New Year Begins”

Unconditional love and kindness towards ourselves. What if we grew more of that? What does that look and feel like to you?

It’s lovely to receive compliments and kindness from others. It’s amazing to feel compassion from those around us, especially at our most vulnerable and self-critical times. And. Partnered or un-partnered, living with or surrounded by others or living alone, we are “in”–privy to–our own heads and hearts more than anyone else. Our thoughts and feelings about ourselves–expressed in self-talk, acts and thoughts toward self, our priorities–create a structure that can support us or break us. Relying on others for friendship, love and kindness will only go so far; we need to have a wonderful friendship with ourselves.

Depression, grief, loss and other life experiences, as well as unhealthy mindsets created and shaped long ago or even more recently, can offer challenges to our relationship with ourselves. And understandably so. I’ve also realized even more so with more of the grief support I’m offering that when we depend so much–too much–on others to keep us lifted, we can be even more devastated when that person is no longer physically with us. What, then, is the source of our self-esteem and worth, if not within? So, what do we do about it?

Small steps. Important steps. Commitment. Any steps towards kinder self-talk, thoughts and priorities for ourselves. A couple of months ago, I (again) ventured into the on-line dating world. I’ve felt ready for partnership after lots of healing this last year-plus of time. And in six weeks with seven dates, I didn’t hear compliments, I didn’t receive any financial generosity even when I gave, and I was reminded of the ever-importance of my own self-view and self-treatment. (Note: I know this is not everyone’s experience.) What a gift! I felt relieved to pull my profile and realize that there are other ways to meet people and that I’m still intact. My self-care and self-talk are even lovelier. Mr. Partner will merely offer icing on the cake.

In this time of new, this time of excitement, this time of unfolding… how can you strengthen the friendship with yourself? How can you be an outstanding, unwavering, loyal supporter of yourself? Do one new thing this next week. Try it on. Feel free to let me know how it’s going and feeling.


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